Common sense fence
Animal fencing systems

For nearly 40 years, GEOTEK, has evolved as an internationally recognized designer, manufacturer and distributor of reinforced fiberglass pultrusion products for the electric utility and animal containment markets. National headquarters and manufacturing facilities are based in Stewartville, Minnesota.

The company's Common Sense Fence Division specializes in animal-friendly, exclusive, heavy-duty fiberglass fencing systems to safely contain or control animals in almost every imaginable rough terrain situation. Over 90,000 MULE™ Systems, all featuring the 25-year warranty, are already installed worldwide in various applications including commercial, agricultural and hobbyist.

Product Info

4 Foot High System
20 Minutes to install Mule Corner*

40 acres for as little as 75¢ per foot* for all materials including gate and high performance fence charger.

  • Posts do not need insulators, yet will not short out ever.
  • Stronger than steel.
  • Fiberglass will not rust or rot.
  • Post strength is not affected by hot or cold weather.
  • Corners and line posts stay looking good - last a lifetime!

* Installation time and cost based on 4 foot high 4 wire fence system.

SunGuard Fiberglass Fence Posts for Electric Fence Systems
SunGuard Posts are excellent insulators, won't cause shorts.
SunGuard coatings prevent Yellowing and Splintering, Guaranteed!!

Unlike metal or wood posts, SunGuard fiberglass posts are:

Maintenance Free:

  • Will not rot
  • Will not rust
  • Will not crack due to cold

Stainless steel wire clips. Used with 3/8" fiberglass rod.


  • Cannot cause a short
  • Eliminate insulators forever


  • Flex upon impact
  • Over 2X the strength of equivalent steel pointed tips drive easily

Stainless steel wire clip. Used with 1/2", 11/16" and 7/8" fiberglass rods.

Easy to Install:

  • Lightweight- 1/4 the weight of steel

Cost Effective:

  • SAVE: eliminates replacing damaged insulators
  • SAVE: eliminates tracking down shorts at the post
  • SAVE: eliminates realigning tilted or replacing rotted or rusted posts
  • SAVE: faster, easier installations

3/8" rod with plastic snap on clip designed to hold wire or tape. Used with 3/8" rods and 3/8" Step-In fiberglass posts.

Save time, money, and headaches!

  • No more unreliable insulators. Fiberglass cannot cause a short!
  • Over 300,000 continuous glass fibers in each 7/8" post for superior strength.
  • The post with memory that flexes without weakening and springs back to original position.

3/8" rod with plastic snap on clip designed to hold wire or tape. Used with 3/8" rods and 3/8" Step-In fiberglass posts.


Geotek's Common Sense Fence and MULE post system are the easiest to install, safest, most dependable, longest-lasting and most cost-effective fence you can build. Based on our experience we offer the following suggested configurations for animal control. The designs shown are for general reference and may be modified to meet any specific containment needs.

In an All Hot System, the animal receivesa shock by touching a hot wire which transfers the electricalcharge through the animal, through the earth to the ground rodsand back to the controller which completes the circuit. This system relies on good ground rods and moist, unfrozen earth conditions.

In the Hot/Ground System, the animalcan receive a shock the same as the All Hot System and also bytouching a hot (+) and ground (-) wire at the same time to completethe circuit. For best results in all soil conditions, use aHot/Ground System.

NOTE: Do not install ground rods within 50 feet of a utility groundrod, buried telephone line, well or buried water line (they maypick up stray voltage).