GEOTEK is committed to environmental sustainability, both in the products we produce and in the ways in which they are manufactured.

GEOTEK firmly believes that our business activities should promote positive safety, environmental, and social outcomes. Systems have been put in place to assure that sustainability values are reflected in all of our business activities. GEOTEK's sustainability programs have been recognized by suppliers, customers and the community.


GEOTEK's products are made from fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite, an inherently eco-friendly material that can be produced with fewer emissions, less energy and less greenhouse gas than many alternative materials. FRP composites also have an extremely long service life, resulting in less energy being consumed for maintenance and replacement.

GEOTEK's products provide important sustainability advantages over alternative construction materials, such as treated wood:

  • GEOTEK products do not require treatment with toxic preservatives to prevent decay or insect damage.
  • GEOTEK products can last at least 2-3 times longer than alternatives in similar conditions. Fewer replacements mean less material and energy are used over the life of our products.
  • GEOTEK products are manufactured with green resin technology and utilize substantial post-industrial recycled material.
  • PUPI crossarms are often used in efforts to protect raptors and other wildlife from contact with power lines.


GEOTEK is committed to meeting or exceeding all applicable environmental regulations set by the EPA and MPCA. To assure compliance, key environmental performance indicators are also reported and verified by an independent consultant agency.

In addition to complying with regulatory requirements, GEOTEK has numerous ongoing initiatives in place to improve the sustainability of our operations.

Resin waste reduction Ongoing activities to reduce and reuse leftover resin to reduce waste and landfill use. Have reduced the amount of leftover resin sent to the landfill by 80%.
Waste reduction and
disposal improvement
Multiple projects targeted at waste reduction throughout the manufacturing process, including manufacturing start-up and shut-down processes. Have reduced the amount of waste materials produced by a factor of 3.
Emission reduction Ongoing activities focused on reduction of styrene in resin mixes. Reduced emission of HAPs (hazardous air pollutants).
Reduced Energy
  • Upgraded hydraulic plant, air compressors and lighting to improve energy efficiency
  • Installed energy-efficient HVAC and dust collection systems.
  • Installed 110T cooling system to replace less efficient units
  • Installed additional high-bay florescent lighting
We have significantly reduced our energy consumption. Several projects were completed with assistance from our energy provider, which awarded GEOTEK their Energy Smart Leadership Award.